Current Projects

At the present we are working on many different and exciting projects. Some of our projects are still in beta mode and not available to the public. The projects that are available to the public include our save-a-pet program, our pet-walk program, and our pet-watch program. When you participate in any of these programs, you're definitely helping out both humans and animals. You're helping to advance a great cause. Perhaps you will find your passion when you work in our projects, and grow as a person. Every participant who has ever participated in any of our programs reports back that they grew as a person. The experience of helping others is not only rewarding in and by itself, but the growth that you experience will stay with you forever. Sure, you might make mistakes along the way, but it is those mistakes that will help you grow and become a better person. You might also choose your career path based on these experiences. You might realize that your purpose in life is to take care of animals and end up choosing a career path that involves animals. On the other hand, you might also realize this is not your ideal career path and choose something else. The possibilities are endless. The save-a-pet program is intended for those who would like to help homeless pets get adopted. You can let your neighbors and friends know about our local pet adoption programs, so instead of buying a pet from a breeder, they can just adopt one for free. Our pet-walk program is a semi-annual program in which we collect donations for homeless dogs and cats. We use the donations to buy them food and find them a good home. Our volunteers are also involved in another important project, the vigilante project. They will look around their neighborhoods and if there are any signs of animal neglect, they will use our app to take pictures and report it to us.

How to Get in Touch

Contact us today to find out about possible opportunities

If you're looking for pursue your passion in life, or if you're simply looking to find that passion, you might want to consider working at our organization. When we many paid and volunteer positions available. Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, we have the right position for you. We have positions in which you get to work on your own, and we have positions in which you get to interact with other people. If you're looking to gain experience working with animals, or to get community service credit for school, we can accommodate all your needs. Contact us today to speak with a job placement officer or volunteer services officer to see what we can do to help you get started.

Our brand of dog food is distributed to various shelters across the country.

We provide housing until homeless pets are adopted by potential owners.

Our volunteers enjoy pet training and teaching pets a few tricks.

Free medical care for pets by volunteer vets and vet techs. People helping animals.

Access to private dog parks which allow you to play with homeless pets.

Our volunteers have access to an app that allows them to report animal abuse.