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Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have recently bought a used car, you may not be aware of whether or not your car’s make and model has ever been recalled. Every year, thousands of people will visit used car dealerships to buy pre-owned vehicles. Most people believe they can save money by doing this, and the majority of such people would buy new if they could afford it. Some people do this even though they could afford a new car, the reason for that is because they want to avoid wasting. That’s a fair and respectable reason. Regardless of the reason for buying used, you should be aware that not every pre-owned vehicle is safe to drive. According to a recent study which was posted in several newspapers, about a third of used vehicles which are recalled for having unsafe featured are never repaired, they are supplied back to the market and resold. A lot of unsuspecting buyers will never bother to check, they will trust the seller and make the purchase. Unless you listen to the news or read the newspaper, there is no way for you to know such incidents are happening all over the United States. In addition, even if you did know of them, you would have no idea what you legal right were, unless you had a paralegal or lawyer in your family who told you. But not everyone’s family is that caring, and even if you did have someone in the legal field in your family, they may not tell you. So you must pursue your rights yourself.

Of course, there are laws against this and the law has implemented severe monetary penalties for such actions. We will focus on the people in Los Angeles because that’s where our office is Located. As far as Los Angeles is concerned, every day we are getting one or two people who have this very issue and they are trying to file a claim through our office. We are not a big firm and if we are getting one or two of these every day, including weekends, imagine how big of a problem it really is. Other law firms are probably getting hundreds of such cases a month. If you have been injured due to such negligence, you can contact this Los Angeles injury lawyer that practices in the area of product liability. Not all personal injury attorneys do this kind of practice because it’s so hard and liability is often difficult to prove. In addition, you need to be a scientist to go back and figure out what happened, and also, it takes a lot of capital to litigate such cases.

If you want to get an idea what kind of products we are talking about, we can give a few examples. Tires are supposed to be designed a certain way to be safe. There are many law that dictate how they should be made and not made, which is beyond the scope of this discussion. In any case, to get an idea, about 46 million tires were recalled in the past 50 years. There are also child safety seats. These are the kind of seats that are aligned against the back seat for babies and children to be safe. There have been over 40 million of such cases since 1966. In just the year 2008, there were over 8 million cars that were recalled. This number went up to just over 9 million in 2009. If you have been reading the news lately, there have been many bus crashes due to defective tires and also steering wheels. This is a huge problem as it puts the lives of the passengers at risk. Unfortunately, many of these bus companies and even operators will not complain and they will continue using the vehicle even though they know it has a manufacturing defect. In addition to putting the lives of other people at risk, such companies are putting themselves at legal risk. There are many people who will have no problem hiring an attorney to file a lawsuit. Most of these lawsuits are easy to win because liability is so easy to establish. A bus accident lawyer Los Angeles would file a lawsuit against the bus company, the tire manufacturer, and the bus operator could be personally sued. However, to sue the operator would not be very cost-efficient because it costs money to file a lawsuit, and there is a high chance the driver has no assets. Therefore, most bus accident lawyers would file a lawsuit against the bus company itself for allowing that particular vehicle to hit the road and endanger the lives of the passengers and other people that are driving on the road. Many consumers are not aware of these, and they will go on with their lives without knowing their legal rights. If you are not aware of this, then how can you file a legal claim? The answer is, you can’t, unless you speak to a personal injury attorney. Contact an injury lawyer today to see if you qualify for class action lawsuits. For more information and news regarding bus accident cases, have a look at CBS Local Los Angeles Bus Crash. This is a news site that talks about recent accidents that have happened. Some people may find it hard to read because it talks about a lot of bad accidents, so you just be aware of this before reading the articles.

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