Dr. Bradley Sherman


Whenever you hear about an animal in distress, it hurts you a little on the inside. I know when I see a cute dog in distress, I get emotional. I started this organization with one goal in mind: To help animals who are undergoing a painful experience for whatever reason. This could be due to a medical reason (perhaps the dog just lost a leg) or abuse (perhaps the dog had an abusive owner.)

Ever since I can remember, I loved animals and I felt that my life's passion was to help animals. My goal was to help as many animals as possible. With the help of our staff and volunteers around the world, I am glad that I have been able to partially accomplish that goal. Without your help, this would not have been possible. Please read below for some of what we do, and how you can help. If you love animals, and your life's calling is to contribute to the cause of helping helpless animals, this might be the right place for you to accomplish your goals.


Our volunteers go around the city and if they spot animal abuse, they will report it using our app.



Obedience training is an important aspect of dog training, especially so for dogs that have been abused.



Our vets and vet techs and other medical personnel will perform physical exams and help injured animals.



We network with various pet stores and other agencies to help give homeless pets to good homes.



We have connections with many shelters around the world and can coonect you with shelters.



We have our own brand of dog food which is distributed to shelters for free. Donations keep this going.



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How to find out more and our locations

We have many opportunity positions available. If you would like to help out in any way, you can submit an application on our website by clicking on the volunteer opportunities link above and submitting your resume as an attachment. Whether you're a vet trying to help out in your free time, or a student trying to get credit for school, we have the position that you need to do what you love while helping out your local community. We also network with schools and universities so if you need credit for school, you can contact one of our volunteer services officers and inquire about how this can be done. The process is usually simple, you fill out a form and submit it to us, and we send it to your school.

Are you interested in adopting an elderly dog? Today there are many dogs in shelters around the countries who were given up by their owners due to age. As a dog gets older, taking care of it will become more expensive. Just like humans who need to go to the doctor more frequently as they age, dogs also need to see the vet more frequently. They could have other health problems like hip problems or eye problems. That's why many owners choose to take younger dogs home. If you would like to help out a senior dog today, you can adopt one or make a donation to help save a dog. Many of our volunteers will fall in love with a dog and take him home. To inquire information about this, you can contact our volunteer office or click on the volunteer oppotunities link above.


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